What does Jagpat & Associates stand for?

Our Purpose

​Jagpat is dedicated to empowering our clients to achieve critical financial goals that improve their lives.  We take our clients’ interests, their business, and our relationship personally—providing powerful expertise, hands-on attention, and continual care that help drive them forward. We believe in building relationships and that relationship is more than just being a client’s accountant.  It is a mutual trust. We want to bring added value to our clients by making recommendations and working with our clients to help them grow and prosper.

Our Core Values
Aligned with our purpose is a set of core values that permeate our interactions with clients, employees, and our community. At the center is that people come first!

Keeping to the highest ethical standards fosters transparency, trust, and respect

Caring for our clients and our employees with personal attention, enthusiasm, and empathy

Practicing as a team rather than a group of individuals for the benefit of our clients

Continually growing our expertise  enables us to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients

Work/Life Flexibility
Balancing work and play breeds team continuity and satisfaction

Focusing on what can be accomplished leads to greater results

Social Responsibility
Through our community outreach programs we give of our time and resources to benefit our local communities and build firm camaraderie.